Based in Whitby, North Yorkshire. 

Zoë is a contemporary seascape artist, inspired by the connection between the sea and the sky. The drama and the subtly of nature fascinates her and are what she largely focuses on when out sketching and painting on the beach.


Zoë does not aspire to paint in a hyper-realistic manner, rather she aims portray the soul of the sea. Zoë is fascinated with the constantly changing moods of the sea, through influences of light and cloud, and seasons. Central to her practice is the desire to paint the experience of being there, that moment in time.  

Zoë has developed a unique technique by which she collaborates with the sea. The process involves painting using some naturally occurring pigments found at the site: soil and rocks. Before fully drying, Zoë submerges the paintings in the sea, allowing the waves to gently move and manipulate the pigments. Seascapes created by the sea and artist. 

Zoë is also interested in the exploration of resin and encaustic wax. The way in which it moves as a liquid before it cures enables Zoë to explore the portrayal of the fluidity of the sea. Zoë enjoys pushing her practice and exploring what can achieve with these media. 

Please do not hesitate to email with any questions or comments.