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Based in Whitby, North Yorkshire. 

I am  a contemporary seascape artist, inspired by the connection between the sea and the sky. The drama and the subtly of nature fascinate me and are what I largely focus on when out sketching and painting on the beach.


I do not aspire to paint in a hyper-realistic manner, rather I aim to portray the soul of the sea. I am  fascinated with the constantly changing moods of the sea, through influences of light and cloud, and seasons. Central to my practice is the desire to paint the experience of being on location - responding to not only the view but the sound of the waves and the birds, the feel of the wind and the movement of the sand.


My practice varies seasonally as I paint almost solely on the North Yorkshire Coast beaches.

On the balmy summer days I am often to be found with vast canvases, painting frantically as the sun rises and sets. On occasion I collaborate with the sea and submerge the canvases in the sea and allow the waves to manipulate the paint: creating seascapes painted by the sea and myself. 

When the wild winter winds blow and the rain falls, I can still be found on the beach, albeit wrapped in many layers. During the cooler months, my paintings tend to be smaller and paper based. I use pastel a lot as it requires no drying time and can quickly stored away safely. 

I am also interested in the exploration of resin and encaustic wax as a painting medium . The way in which it moves as a liquid before it cures enables me to explore the portrayal of the fluidity of the sea.


Ultimately I love to be sat on the beach responding the world around me.  

If you'd like to know anything else please email me at .

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